A perfectly fitting tournament outfit for a young dancer is the culmination of a long period of preparation for a dance tournament. If you want your charge to feel and look perfect throughout the dance routine, then it’s worth taking a look at the Vicante shop website. In our range you will find both tournament and training outfits in different colours and sizes. Check out what makes our girls’ costumes stand out.

Assortment of our shop.

Good preparation before a tournament is 90% of success, which is why you’ll find training outfits for girls in our range. Among the available assortment you will find colourful bodysuits with short and long sleeves, as well as more extravagant ones with flared sleeves, which will be ideal for tango or paso doble training. If you are looking for a lower garment, you will find mini skirts and several types of long skirts in our online shop. In addition to this, you can choose flared trousers, which will be an excellent training choice. Girls’ clothes for dance training have to be, above all, comfortable, flexible and form-fitting, so you can choose your size along with specifying a specific size in centimetres. The training outfits are manufactured with the utmost care and the material is hygroscopic and also resistant to long-term wear.

What kind of dresses and outfits can we find on offer?.

If training is behind you, it’s time to choose a girls’ tournament dress. There are three types of girls’ tournament dresses in the online shop’s range. The first is a classic midi dress with delicate pleats. The material used for this dress is lycra, which is flexible and able to withstand the many strains of performing a dance routine. In addition, the dress retains its shape and is crease-resistant. The second type of dress is a mini dress, with long sleeves and an elasticated waistband. It is made of premium quality velvet, which is a thicker material than the aforementioned lycra dress. It is available in many different colours. The last type of dress you will find in the Vicante online shop is a dress sewn in velvet with a midi or maxi length, depending on the height of the young dancer. The dress has thick pleats and features long, elegant sleeves. It is available in a variety of colours that are sure to suit the style of the dance.


When choosing the right dress for a young dancer, it is important to consider the type of dance being performed and the measurements. Dresses made from materials of different thicknesses will behave differently when dancing. If you want airiness, a dress made of lycra should be chosen. On the other hand, if the dance is more steady, then you can choose a dress sewn from velvet. In accessories for girls, you will also find socks that will protect your feet from shoe abrasion and also look very aesthetically pleasing during dance competitions. Check out what we can prepare for you!