Broad knowledge regarding dancers’ needs combined with professionalism and experience of the best tailors resulted in creation of the highest quality tail suits and dance wear from Vicante. As a company we also focus on constant development to be able to meet the needs of the Ballroom and Latin Dance market in Poland and Europe. We are always in touch with the best dance couples and coaches to get feedback about our products.
We are constantly investing in our modern machines and high quality fabrics to ensure that our products always look the best as we are aware that the perfect look is extremely important on the dance floor. Together with our whole team we spend long hours working on innovative solutions and improvement of our current products to give dancers’ products of the highest quality. We are the only company in Poland that offers tail suits in various fabric options to allow dancers to have a choice and not to limit ourselves to just one basic cut. In addition, we’ve lowered the fitting time significantly (we prepare tails suits in our studio in 2 days) while keeping the highest quality of our products. That is why, every dancer can be sure that when they book their time slot, they will come for the fitting and pick up their ready tail suit on time.
Our work is based on the desire to give dancers the best quality products ready whenever they need them. That is why, before we start selling any of our new products, first we prepare to be able to meet the demand and so we fill our warehouse with the product in every colour and size available. We would like to give dancers the ability to spend their time preparing for the competitions without the stress of coming for fittings multiple times to make their outfits look perfect. Thanks to our solutions you can try on and check the size of every product and if it doesn’t fit just right, we are able to quickly exchange it without any issues. Our tailoring team is always working on the full speed to ensure we have all our products ready in every colour and size.
We would also like to thank our customers – you are the reason why we are able to constantly develop and improve and do what we love most. When we hear your great feedback about our products, it’s not only a pleasure for us to hear but it’s also a motivation to keep going and keep getting better. We are extremely proud and happy to be a part of this beautiful world that is Ballroom and Latin Dance.

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