Every dance trainee, whether a beginner or already advanced in training, needs to prepare properly. It is very important to choose a comfortable outfit in which we will have freedom of movement as well as functionality. When we train, we need to concentrate on the sequence of steps, on the individual body movements and on the dance figures presented. So nothing should distract us at such a time or prevent us from expressing ourselves. A comfortable outfit is essential, and the myriad of training costume models available on the market means that we can find the right garment to suit our requirements, as well as our aesthetic taste. Outfits designed with performances or tournaments in mind dazzle with their glamour, wealth of colours, decorations, sequins…. However, during less formal performances and, above all, during everyday training, we pay attention above all to the comfort and functionality of the garments.

Features of training outfits.

The wide selection of excellent quality outfits with an original design makes them suitable for everyday training, individual lessons or elegant training sessions. Among the outfits for men, there are predominantly elegant and both very comfortable t-shirts, bodysuits and polo shirts made with the latest “cool comfort” technology, thanks to which perspiration is wicked away instantly from the dancer’s body. The training trousers are made of a very stretchy, non-restrictive material with a wide stretch waistband. The material is extremely crease-resistant, so that even after a long training session the dancer looks neat and elegant in them.

Assortment – women’s workout clothes.

The collection of women’s workout clothes is based on a variety of pieces that can be freely combined with each other, depending on our personal preferences and occasions. These include different types of blouses, bodysuits, as well as skirts and dance trousers. We can choose between slightly more sporty, less formal outfits for everyday training, and elegant outfits for dance instructors, for example. Dance skirts, whether used for training or tournaments, are ideally designed to look great on the move, emphasising the dancer’s figure and not restraining it when dancing. They are made of very lightweight, stretchy fabrics, sewn with multiple godets or heavily crinkled, slightly flying around the dancer’s legs as she moves. They are produced in many models, patterns and a wide range of colours, making it easy to choose the right costume for our needs and also for the occasion. The costumes are made of ‘breathable’, soft fabrics that are comfortable to wear, allowing perspiration to be drawn away from the skin and dry very quickly. This advantage also comes in handy when washing the training outfits, which is particularly important during busy schedules. The swimsuit dries extremely quickly after washing and can be worn for the next training session.